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Getting started in cycle...

Getting started in cycle touring worksho

Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation - High School Yards, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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Getting started in cycle touring workshop

Cycle touring isn't difficult. If you can ride a bike for a day – even a couple of hours – you can cycle to a destination, sleep, and cycle again the next day. It's this winning formula – what we refer to as 'Cycle, Sleep, Repeat' – which allows you to creep across the surface of a region, country or continent, powered by your own efforts.

It also opens the world up in a way like nothing else: moving fast enough to cover reasonable distances but slow enough to take it all in, you end up seeing places and meeting people you would never otherwise have cause to.

Whether you're a total beginner, or you've done a couple of trips and are starting to think about going further afield, the aim of this session is to equip and motivate you to get out there. Drawing on our own experiences of cycling around the world, we will cover choosing bikes and kit, budgeting, route suggestions and more. Whatever is holding you back, we hope to help you overcome the barriers so you can get out there and get exploring.

Who are we?
Laura and Tim Moss quit their jobs in 2013 to cycle 13,000 miles around the world. Now back in normal employment, but with a better appreciation of a decent saddle, they spend their free time organising the Cycle Touring Festival, a weekend of talks and workshops which aims to inspire and equip people to explore the world by bicycle. They also run The Next Challenge Grant, which funds people to do adventures, including by bicycle.

Part of the Edinburgh Festival of Cycling 2016